Electronic Manufacturing Suppliers, Inc.

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Our Mission 



Our mission is to deliver the highest quality of products and services that electronic original equipment manufacturers (OEM), and electronic contract manufacturers (ECM) have come to expect and demand, in the areas of validation and verification.




We provide in-circuit test programming for GenRad, Teradyne, Teradyne 18XX & Spectrum, and Keysight 3070 Platforms; ICT wired and wireless, as well as vacuum and pneumatic fixturing.

EMSi also represents functional test software and integrated systems design/development, functional fixture and rack & stack manufacture. Additionally, EMSi represents software solutions to maximize board assembly design and testability.

EMSi brings together the best in diverse solutions and creates seamless partnerships to provide single source accountability for your manufacturing needs. Whether you are designing and manufacturing domestically, or outsourcing to Mexico or Asia, we are able to assist and support you in bringing quality products to market.

EMSi is centrally located in Minneapolis, MN, servicing the United States, Mexico, and Canada.

Contact EMSi

Tim Richmond, National Sales Director  

T: (952) 454-4474

E: Tim.Richmond@emsi-us.com