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Akila  With its low-maintenance sealed-type X-Ray source, the Akila X-ray system is perfectly positioned to provide high value and ease of use in 
 the inspection for Excess Solder, Insufficient Solder, Voids, Bridging, and Opens.  Akila offers world-class design and build quality at an aggressive price!
       Marantz Electronics, Ltd.  With almost 4,000 AOI 
       systems installed worldwide, Marantz are global
       leaders both in technology and production tools.
       Marantz offers a complete Optical Inspection 
       solution, from NPI to production AOI 

CGI-Americas is a pioneering supplier to the printed circuit and electronics assembly industry.
CGI serves over 1,200 companies worldwide, working side by side with its long-term equipment partners to deliver truly world-class results.
CGI prides itself on providing the comprehensive solutions its customers need to compete in today's demanding global marketplace.  This starts with in-house technical and staff specialists.  Always available, they provide expertise in a wide range of disciplines - from AOI and chemical engineering, to printed circuit manufacturing. 
For additional information, or data sheets, on CGI-Americas line of board assembly equipment, please visit their website at:
Tagarno  The Magnus HD inspection system offers unparralleled image quality, a large field of view, and the ability to work precisely under the lens in a wide range of applications from electronics to medical to aerospace to micromechanics.  It also allows multiple viewers to see the same image on a large, high definition screen.  Traceability and data recording software are available to meet a range of industrial and technical requirements.

Japan Unix's soldering robots are extensively used in soldering electrical equipment for automobiles where high reliability and safety is of critical importance.
Other applications:
  • Telecom & Power supply boards
  • Car-mounted electrical component
  • Home digital AV & home appliances
  • Mobile digital AV applications
  • etc.
Simple to operate, desktop soldering robots adapt to all kinds of work.
All robots come complete with easy to use soldering programs that reflect user needs.