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Products and Services
Electro-Mechanical Fixture Design and Manufacturing
  • Vacuum, Mechanical, Pneumatic
  • Stand-a-Lone or Rack Mounted
  • Teradyne Spectrum 9100 interface test adapters
  • Custom Designed or Build to Print
  • High-Level Wiring and Assembly Services
PCB Design and Fabrication
  • As integral part of a test solution or for specific application
Cables - Mil-Standard or Best Commercial Practices
  • Automated Cutting and Wire Stripping
  • Continuity testing and Hi-Pot testing
  • Experienced with most popular connections and contacts
Mechanical Design
  • Solid Works 2009 Premium Seats
  • AutoCAD
Electrical Design
  • PAD.s
  • Allegro



Designed and fabricated dedicated test stations for high volume products using connector access to UUTs.



EMC Technologies's focus is on the development  of highly engineered test interface equipment for government agencies (DOD), prime defense contractors, medical and commercial companies.
EMC Technologies is an ITAR Registered company.
Past commercial applications have included groundbreaking work in support of many industries including satellite TV/IP, computer servers, medical, networking and telecom. 
EMC designs and manufactures wireless and wired test interface equipment that test circuit card assemblies (CCA's), electronic circuit assemblies (ECA's), line replaceable units (LRU's) and field replaceable units (FRU's) for a wide variety of applications.
Specific areas of proficiency include temperature, high speed, tight tolerance, test racks and RF testing.
NAICS Codes include:
  • 334515  Instrument Manufacturing for measuring and Testing Electricity and Electrical Signals
  • 334511  Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
  • 336413  Other Aircraft Parts and Auxiliary Equipment Manufacturing
  • 334419  Other Electronic Component Manufacturing
  • 811219  Other Electronic and Precision Equipment Repair and Maintenance

EMC Technologies stays current with the latest testing strategies with a R&D department and with a wide variety of customers and challenging products.


Design, fabricate and document interface test adapters (ITA) for Circuit Card Assemblies to be functionally tested on LM-MFC's Common Core Automated Test Station (CCATS).
ITA's featured EMC designed connectorized PWB to distribute power and signal from dense UUT P1 to CCATS resources.

Build-to-Print interface test adapters and cables for LRU's on DATSA and Teradyne L393 test Systems.
ITA's included EMC designed multiple PWB's to distribute power and signal lines to LRU's.