Electronic Manufacturing Suppliers, Inc.

Functional Test Programming

Since 1994, PDA, an ITAR registered company, has been providing cost effective and innovative solutions for all phases of product development due to its extensive engineering experience and capabilities. PDA can serve as a virtual extension of your engineering department or as an independent contractor. 

PDA has over 70+ engineers, whose core competencies are in the areas of electrical, mechanical, and software design; analysis and management of products; and challenging equipment requirements for harsh environments.

Design Tools Include:

  1. Electrical Design: Altium Designer; Microchip; Actel
  2. Mechanical Design: Pro-E; SolidWorks; AutoCAD
  3. Electrical Analysis: Simetrix
  4. Mechanical/Thermal Analysis; Mechanical; Nastran
  5. Configuration Control: Interlink; PDM; Windchill
  1. XML
  2. C Sharp/C++
  3. Java
  4. LabVIEW

Services Provided:

Cost effective and innovative solutions in product development design and support services such as:

  1. Project Management
  2. Systems Engineering to define requirements and propose solutions
  3. Hardware Design: Mechanical, Electrical, Power, and Software Design
  4. Design Analysis: Structural, Thermal and Circuit Analysis
  5. Technical Data Package
  6. Hardware Integration & Testing
  7. Subcontractor Management
  8.  Prototype and Low Scale Production
  9.  Qualification Management & Testing   (MIL, IEEE, etc.)  
  10. Continuation Engineering
  11. Customer Support
  12. Field Engineering for Installation Support
  13. Maintain Specialized Engineering Capabilities