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ICT Programming Solutions

Keysight 3070 | GenRad/Teradyne | Teradyne 18xx | Spectrum Test Platforms    

When seeking ICT test development solutions for highly complex board assemblies, our competent engineers are up for the task. Fault coverage and test stability are determined not only by the features of the machine, but also by the skill, experience, and determination of the test developer.

To assure high coverage and stability, our principals have developed their own proprietary tools to quickly and accurately prepare your design files for use by the test platform selected, and to audit the quality of the resulting test application. Your design files are processed and combined with an extensive library of device models. During this process, the engineer carefully examines the results to ensure the test probes are properly located for reliable contact and that every testable component will receive a test.

In-circuit testing is provided using powered, as well as unpowered, testing techniques. We deliver overlapping coverage to detect almost 100% of the potential manufacturing defects. With years of experience programming CPLD’s, EEPROMs, and FLASH, we are able to bring to you the high quality test solution you require

Email your CAD, BOM, SOW, and Schematics to EMSi and we will return a detailed proposal to you within 48 hours. We will provide specific information about scope of work and deliverable items associated with your project, as well as price and delivery of a complete turnkey package.